We did it!
9,250 km coast to coast
100+ communities
230+ Green Jobs youth
50+ employers = The experience of a lifetime!

What are "green jobs"?

The Green Jobs program, administered by PLT Canada, helps place youth aged 15-30 in outdoor jobs across Canada. These jobs include ecosystem and wildlife management, forest management, Indigenous forest-based programs, recreation and interpretation, conservation and research, education, and jobs with provincial/territorial parks.

Why a "green ride"?

We want to elevate the types of careers that exist in the forest, conservation and parks sectors by meeting youth employed in the Green Jobs program and sharing their stories on social media! We hope that by raising awareness of these opportunities, more and more people across Canada will want to get involved in outdoor work.

Who’s Zac?

Zac is PLT Canada’s Green Jobs Manager. He loves the outdoors. He has a biology degree from the University of Ottawa and is passionate about natural resource management and environmental education. Zac hopes the stories he collects and shares during the Green Ride will encourage more youth to pursue careers in the forest and conservation sectors. His interests also include bee keeping, fishing, and motorcycles.

About the bike

Picolo Vélo, from Montreal, Quebec, is the first company in Canada to have developed and manufactured a high-performance wooden bike. Born of the founders’ passion for wood, cycling and the environment, Picolo combines the sensuality of wood with advanced engineering. The bikes are not only beautiful works of art, their excellent shock absorption also appeals to passionate cyclists who crave a unique and exhilarating cycling experience.

For more info visit: www.picolovelo.com

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